Welcome to CPEA Prep where we specialize in providing quality tuition for children being prepared for the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA). Our expertly designed courses are tailored to bring together a rich and in-depth format of mathematics, Language, Social Studies and Science, ensuring that your child is fully equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in these core subjects. In addition to giving students 24/7 access to pre-tests, lessons, ebooks, notes, assignments, quizzes and mock exams, students have access to live tutorials to hone their skills and enhance their performance in the CPEA.

Our Commitment Entrust us with a child encountering academic difficulties, and within a mere 12 months, we will equip them to thrive in every subject. Our journey commences with an initial evaluation to ascertain the student's existing proficiency. Following this assessment, we furnish a tailored strategy to bridge any educational gaps we identify.